3 Tips on Winterizing Your Home

During the winter, your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs an update. Your home needs one too. The cold surely won’t bother you again once you take care of winterizing your home. Start with the following: Trim the trees … Continue reading

3 Types of Flat Roofs

Before you spend money on your roof, make sure that you know all your options. To start with, here are different types of flat roofs: Built Up Roofing BUR or Built Up Roofing is installed by using multiple layers of … Continue reading

Things You Should Check When Buying a House

Moving to a new home is a big decision. You can’t keep moving every time you find a problem with the house you just moved into. Remembering to check the following places during your home inspections can help you avoid … Continue reading

3 Tips to Prevent Water Pipes from Freezing

You’ll likely spend hundreds to thousands of dollars if you forget to take the proper preventive measures for your home’s water pipes this winter. Avoid this disaster by remembering the following: Turn On Your Faucets If the temperatures have dropped … Continue reading

How to Prevent Ice Dams

One of the most common problems that cause damage to roofs during the winter is the formation of ice dams.  Avoid them this year by using the following tips: Roof rake Use a roof rake during heavy snow: As mentioned earlier, ice … Continue reading

4 Great Tips on Hanging Holiday Lights

As the holiday season approaches, you can expect gatherings to start to happen more often. Light up your home to make it look more festive for your guests. The following tips can make the task easier and safer for you. … Continue reading

4 Types of Roof Shingles

Roofing materials are expensive so you should be sure to choose which type is best for you.  Knowing the characteristics of each one will help you make a much better choice. Here are some things to consider: Organic Organic asphalt … Continue reading

Types of Fireplaces

Having a fireplace at home is a great way to keep your home warm without racking up a huge electricity bill. Besides, they make a home feel cozier, right? Learn more about the most common types of fireplaces as you … Continue reading

4 Fall Home Projects

Winter is coming! It’s time to start making your home cozier this fall. Get ready to tackle all the renovations you kept delaying due to your endless summer activities. If you have no idea where to begin, here are some … Continue reading

3 Ways to Finance Your Home Renovation

You never know when you’ll need to finance a renovation project because other unexpected expenses arrive in other areas of your life. If you don’t have savings to spend then you have to find other means of paying the bill. … Continue reading

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