3 Tips to Avoid Going Over Budget During Home Renovations

Making improvements to your home always comes at a cost. Despite proper planning, there’s still a possibility that you might spend more than what you allotted. The following tips can help you achieve your desired outcome without going over budget:

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Reconsider DIY
DIY is cheaper, right? Not necessarily, says Philadelphia-based interior architecture and design expert Glenna Stone. Depending on the project, amateurs beware.

“If you don’t have the expertise, you could end up paying between 10% and 40% more,” Stone says.
Why? While your DIY labor is technically free, your lack of know-how can be costly.

And then there’s hiring and scheduling. A task like moving a wall could mean hiring an engineer and an architect, not to mention coordinating permits. A general contractor knows who’ll do the best work for the best price, and they’ll know when to schedule them to avoid wasting dollars on inefficient use of time.

“If the plumber comes out before you’re ready for him, they’ll charge you for that visit, and then to come out again,” says Stone.

Finally, a contractor is more likely to get it right the first time. There’s nothing like having to buy stuff twice because you messed up. Stone recommends hiring a general contractor for most medium- to large-scale jobs. Source: HouseLogic

Only spend money on renovations that add value to your home
Avoid spending large amounts of money on misguided works that actually reduce the property’s value. Kerb appeal is obviously fundamental when it comes to attracting buyers, so doing anything that messes up an older building’s appearance, no matter how well-intentioned, can be counter-productive. Source: HomeBuilding

Stick to your plan
A sure way to bust your budget is the dreaded “While we’re it we might as well … ” You may justify it by saying “it’ll only be a few hundred dollars,” but once you do that a few times, you’ll have added a bunch of work and will definitely blow your budget. Remember that you made a plan and remain determined to stick to it. Source: Houzz

Hiring the right experts for the job will save you more money in the long run. The quality of their work will definitely be worth the fee. If you need assistance in your home renovations, feel free to contact us!


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