3 Tips on Choosing a Plumber

The water mains in our home should only be repaired or maintained by professional plumbers. It’s important to choose the right plumber for you so that you can rest assured that there won’t be any unnecessary charges and that the job will be well done. Here are 3 tips on choosing a plumber:

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Length of Time in Business
Ask the plumber how long he or she has been in business. A larger company will likely have plumbers with years of experience, but you should still ask. It’s a good sign if the company has been in business for several years because it often means it has a proven track record of quality work. Source: AngiesList

Feel Free to Get Another Quote
Some companies strip their jobs back to the absolute minimum so they can come in at the lowest price, but the work won’t last the longest possible time. Ask the company that is more expensive why their price is at that level, so you can determine if there is a difference.  Source: WikiHow

Get Referrals from People You Know
One of the first things most people do when looking for a plumber is turn to their friends, family and associates – and that’s a good idea as always. Use this as a starting point to gather the names of plumbers until you have a list of about three to five plumbers depending on the size of your repair job. You can also get referrals from real estate agents in the area as well as your local home improvement store. The underlying message here is that the best plumbers in most towns obtain the majority of their business through word-of-mouth advertising and these are the plumbers you want. You’re looking for plumbers who know how to keep a low overhead and focus on keeping their existing clients happy. Source: Blog.Quizzle

If you’re looking for professionals with a great track record and who’ve been in the business for a long time, contact us!

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