4 Simple Ways to Revive Your Home This New Year

It’s a new year, so it’s a great time to refresh your home and make some updates. And though it’s still winter, you can still do some minor projects inside your home. Consider adding these to your New Year’s resolutions:

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Assess Your Home
Determine the current state of your home and what ideas you want to implement. Walk through your home and determine what wish list items are, and what necessity items are. A wish list item could be upgrading to granite countertops, while a necessity item could be leaky plumbing pipes that have to be replaced as soon as possible. Source: Freshome

Get Organized (De-Clutter)
No excuses — that clutter has got to go! Start by creating more storage space so you can stash stuff easily.
At wit’s end for new storage space? You’ve probably got storage solutions you didn’t know you had. Put up a high shelf between the walls of a narrow hallway, and tuck storage in out-of-the-way nooks, such as under-stairs spaces and between wall studs.
If your small home is pinched for space, don’t despair: There’s still room for storage. Shoe organizers ($20) do more than hold shoes — use them to store keys, notepads, and cell phones. At about $300 per drawer, have a cabinetmaker install drawers in the toe kicks of your kitchen cabinets for napkins, cookie sheets, and appliance manuals. Source: HouseLogic

Lighten Up
Enough of this dreary, sad winter—“Open those windows!” Michael says. Yes, it might be a bit chilly, but opening the windows doesn’t necessarily mean letting in the outside air. Remove distracting elements like heavy window treatments, blinds, and drapes to make the room feel fresh and bring in more of that pretty, end-of-winter light. Or if you don’t feel like taking them off the windows completely, open them up more than you usually do to avoid a case of the wintry blues. Source: RealSimple

Freshen the Front Door
A new front door is one of the easiest ways to boost your curbside appeal. It’s also the most cost-effective home renovation you can do.
If you don’t need to replace your front door, refinish or repaint it. Entry doors take a lot of abuse from the outside elements (including people), and even a new door can start looking weathered rather quick. If you choose to add a fresh coat of paint, use a high-quality paint and a warm, welcoming color that goes well with your home. Source: Realtor

Having minor renovations done is awesome, but what could be even better is to have some major ones done.  Check your foundation, roofing, sewer lines, water mains, and the like, and if you find any problems, call our professionals for a hassle-free repair. Start the year off right! Contact us!

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