4 Great Tips on Hanging Holiday Lights

As the holiday season approaches, you can expect gatherings to start to happen more often. Light up your home to make it look more festive for your guests. The following tips can make the task easier and safer for you.

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Create a Master Plan
Look at your house from the street or take a photograph to make an overall plan. First, consider adding lights along eaves, pillars, posts, windows, and doors to highlight architectural features. Next, look at bushes, trees, window boxes, planters, and paths. Finally, check out lighting for paths, as well as stand-alone figures. Source: BobVila

Don’t Use Outdoor Lights Indoors
They’re too hot for interior use. For the coolest bulbs and greatest energy efficiency, try LED lights, which come in a wide range of styles and colors. Source: HouseLogic

Practice Caution on Rooftops or Elevated Areas
Inspect your ladder and make sure it is stable and in good condition. Make sure you ground the ladder on a solid, flat surface. Don’t work alone. Have someone assist you with the decorating who can provide any needed support or stabilization that you need. If the roof is too steep or high, don’t risk having an accident. Hire a professional instead. Source: HGTV

Use Light Clips
Whether stringing lights on trees, along gutters, or on the roof, use plastic clips to hold strands in place. Clips provide quick anchorage and can be found at most hardware and holiday specialty stores. There are clips made for attachment to gutters, shingles, roof tiles, trees, and even brick. If you prefer a permanent solution, metal cup hooks can be screwed into wooden eaves. Look for stainless-steel hooks, which won’t corrode and disintegrate. Source: BHG

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