3 Tips on Winterizing Your Home

During the winter, your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs an update. Your home needs one too. The cold surely won’t bother you again once you take care of winterizing your home. Start with the following:

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Trim the trees
Take a stroll around your yard and examine your trees closely. Do you see any limbs that could possibly knock out power to your home? Do you see limbs that could hit your car if they broke off during a winter snow storm?

Take time now to trim any weak branches that look as if they could cause problems during winter storms. Trimming the trees during mild weather is much easier than trying to do it when it’s frigid outside. Source: MoneyCrashers

Find leaks and seal them
Check your roof for loose or missing shingles and gaps around your chimney, flues, and other openings and do the same for your home’s exterior. Be especially watchful of the areas around windows, doors, and your foundation. Once you identify areas where water might intrude or ice could form, address these problems. Caulk cracks or install weather stripping where appropriate. Shoring up any leaks will provide a more comfortable and trouble-free winter. Ask a professional to handle repairs that are outside your comfort zone and be sure to request project estimates up front. Source: WebMD

Reset the humidity level
Use humidifiers with controls to reset the humidity level based on the outside air temperature. This combination will keep frost from forming as the chosen humidity level will be lowered while outside temperatures fall and be restored to normal during less severe weather. We recommend a normal humidity level of 35 to 45 percent. However, as temperatures dip into single digits, it should be set closer to 20 percent. Source: HGTV

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