3 Tips on Updating Your Home’s Exterior

Updating your home is a wonderful way to increase its value. In this article, we’ll cover three of the most important tips you must consider when renovating, including: landscaping, redefining your driveway and repainting.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

The architects and designers we talked with are almost unanimous — landscaping is what makes the biggest difference in exterior appeal. Whether you’re aiming for a quick freshening up or a complete front yard overhaul, take the time to come up with a basic plan for your landscape. Aim for a good balance of lawn and plants. “Avoid just putting sod down and calling it a day,” says Kyle Sheffield of LDA Architecture & Interiors. “Create a transition from the house to the grade by using species that descend in height from the house. This will give the appearance that the house is married to the landscape rather than plopped on a lot.”
If you don’t have time or a budget to plant anything new, do a big cleanup. Detail trees and shrubs, and edge flower beds. Add topsoil and mulch to even out the grade, and weed and get rid of dead plantings. Source: Houzz

Redefining your Driveway
Creating a driveway adds value to the property, and prevents cars from driving up and parking on the front lawn – never a good look. The driveway has parking space for two cars and was made with compacted gravel finished with two coats of Pour-On resin, a DIY product that is a fraction of the cost of laying a concrete driveway. I used the aluminum roof sheets again as a fence to close off the end of the driveway for more privacy. Source: HomesToLove

Adding a new coat of paint can work wonders to freshen up the outside of a house. If it’s your aluminum siding in need of a facelift, use a low-luster, acrylic exterior paint. It will hide surface irregularities better. If there are any small dents or tears, be sure to fix them before painting.
Keep in mind that older houses may be in danger of having lead paint used in its original construction. Lead paint has been banned as an environmental hazard. Removing lead paint can be costly and dangerous. It should only be done by trained professionals.
There are government-approved measures to seal lead paint and allow you to paint over it, but again, leave this to professionals. Consult your local hardware store or contractor for more information on how to deal with lead paint. Source: YellowPages


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