3 Tips on Deck Maintenance

Keeping your deck in great shape will help save you money in the long run. Utilize the following tips and find out how good maintenance can prolong your deck!

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Look for signs of rot. Probe structural members with a flat-blade screwdriver. Begin by checking stairs, especially where the stringers (the saw-tooth notched pieces that support the steps) meet the ground. Also check each perimeter post. If you can push the screwdriver a quarter-inch or more into a suspect area, you probably have rot.

TIP: Areas of rot that are no bigger than a silver dollar can be removed with a chisel, and the hole can be treated with wood preservative. Larger areas may require the structural member to be replaced. Consult a professional carpenter or builder for an estimate for repairs. Source: HouseLogic

First use a leaf blower or broom to blow all of the debris off of the deck’s surface and then wash the deck.

To clean a deck, purchase a commercial deck cleaner that removes mildew, oxidation (graying), and dirt. The best ones contain sodium percarbonate. Mix it following the label directions. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and safety glasses.

Using a stiff fiber bristle brush on a broom-type handle, thoroughly scrub the surface in line with the wood grain. Work in small areas and rinse frequently with clear water. Allow to dry.  This may be all it takes to return much of the wood’s natural tone. Source: HomeTips

No matter the age, always make sure your deck is sealed. Seal your deck to protect it against moisture from rain and dew, which will cause the wood to swell. Sealing the deck will also protect it against the sun, which can shrink and dry the wood. The alternating cycles of expanding and shrinking will cause the wood to warp, cup, crack and gray. Source: AngiesList

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