3 Tips for Removing Snow from Your Roof

Now that your hectic holiday schedule has finally cleared up, it’s time to deal with pressing issues at hand. One which you might have been ignoring for so long is clearing the snow on your roof. Check out these important pieces of advice:

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Work from the ground if possible
The safest way to remove snow from the roof of your property is to do so from ground level using a rake. Don’t stand directly below the area you are focusing on when removing snow from the roof of your home. You may be pulling the snow down on top of yourself, and even a small area has the potential to shake loose 100 pounds or more at once. Source: Safety.LoveToKnow

Refrain from causing more damage
Always work with a plastic shovel to avoid damaging the shingles. Start by clearing snow drifts away from chimneys and parapets, or any roof equipment. Never pile up snow on your roof – you’ll only exacerbate the weight problems down below. As much as possible, don’t leave footprints behind after you finish – these hard-packed areas are likely to turn into ice. Source: CanadaPost

Don’t forget about the gutters
Stop ice from forming in gutters by keeping them clear. Hopefully, you took time in the fall to clean out your gutters by removing sticks, leaves and other debris that might cause water to dam up and freeze once the temperature drops. If you haven’t, use a gutter scoop to remove any compacted debris in your gutters. Attach a bucket to your ladder with a wire hook for more efficient debris collection and for holding your tools. Start at the downspouts and work your way in, but avoid pushing debris together as this can create more clogs. Source: Projects.TrueValue

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