3 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know

There are so many great reasons why you need to have your own place. The only challenge is when you break something and you have no one to help you repair it. Learning to do some basic home improvement tasks such as the following can save you a lot of stress in the future.

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How to turn off a smoke detector
Modern homes often have electric smoke detectors with a battery backup. If you get a false alarm (and you’re sure it’s a false alarm), you must cut the power to the system and then disconnect each individual unit’s battery in order to turn off the piercing sound. (Burning a tuna melt in the kitchen is a bad time to find out you don’t know how to do this.) Locate your smoke detector’s switch in your circuit breaker box — if it isn’t clearly labeled, do that now — so that you can turn off the power if necessary. You can use a broom handle to pop out the battery panels of all ceiling-mounted units; if you have vaulted ceilings, make sure you have a long enough stick to do the job. Once the smoke clears, don’t wait — turn the electricity back on immediately and put the batteries back in each unit. Source: HGTV

How to check your shutoff valves
A cracked pipe or burst hose can do thousands of dollars of damage in minutes. Shutoff valves can stop the flow of water instantly. They’re typically located under sinks and toilets, behind the washing machine, and above the water heater. Shutoffs for tubs and showers are often hidden behind a wood or plastic access panel (often on the wall behind the faucet in an adjoining closet or hallway). Your main valve—which shuts off water to your entire house—may be indoors or out. Shutoff valves can go unused for years, and mineral deposits can make them impossible to close. So it’s a good idea to make sure yours work. If you have standard valves, turn the handle clockwise. If you have ball-type valves, crank the lever one-quarter turn. Ball valves rarely fail, but it’s good to check anyway. Source: RD

How to install a storm door
Need extra insulation at home, or maybe just a little more natural light? Either way, a storm door is a great solution. First, measure your door from the interior frame. Be sure it’s square, and adjust with shims if needed. There’s probably a prehung door frame to fit your measurements, but if not, you can order a custom door. Source: BobVila

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