3 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Homeowner

Creating a list of New Year’s resolutions for your home will make it a better place to live in. Start your year off right by adhering to the following:

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Conduct mini-inspections
Just because your ceiling isn’t dripping and your house isn’t leaning off-kilter doesn’t mean all is well. In the spring and autumn, inspect your place to get a firm grip on what needs attention.

*Inspect your home’s exterior, and look for worn and peeling paint, rotting wood, and cracked caulk.
*Before the weather grows cold, turn on the heaters to make sure everything works as it should.
*If you burn wood, have the chimney cleaned before you start building fires in winter.
*Climb a ladder and look for missing or buckled roof shingles.
*Walk around the yard and see which trees and shrubs aren’t leafing out, a sign they are dead or dying Source: Stuff

Plan regular maintenance
Create a maintenance calendar to remember those routine maintenance tasks, such as replacing furnace air filters, changing smoke detector batteries and winterizing sprinklers.

Whether it’s a paper calendar or your iCal on your phone, plan out scheduled maintenance so you won’t hear that relentless beeping of the smoke detector in the middle of the night — or run out of propane before the steaks are done (tragedy!). Source: Inman

Pick greener options
Make the effort to start recycling and dispose properly of old electronic equipment such as televisions, computers, and cell phones. Take steps to save water by repairing dripping faucets and fixing running toilets. Other ways to save water include installing low-flow showerheads, and replacing old water guzzling toilets with new water saving or dual-flush models. Source: TodaysHomeowner

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