3 Common Problems with Old Houses

Old houses have a certain charm that makes them appealing to some people despite requiring some additional repairs or replacements. A few of the most common problems that need to be tackled can be found below:

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Leaking Roof
Water intrusion is the death of a house over time, so the soundness of a roof is critical to the health of old and new structures.

From the interior of the home, water spots on the ceiling are an obvious sign of water intrusion, but this is not always indicative of roof problems. Plumbing leaks and window leaks can also result in these stains.

Water spots on exterior walls can be a sign of flashing issues on the roof, and a quick inspection of the roof shingles or tiles can reveal common problems, such as unsecured flashing, cracked shingles, cupping and missing tiles. A quick inspection of the attic insulation for signs of moisture, and a search for daylight under the roof boards, is also worthwhile. Source: HuffingtonPost

Foundation Issues
Some of the worst and more costly problems associated with older homes are foundation issues. Foundations can sink over time, leading to cracks in exterior walls, windows and sliding doors that stick and floors that sag. Another contributing factor to foundation issues are trees that have grown large beside the house and have roots that extend under the home. The first thing to do if you notice you have foundation issues is to find out why the foundation has moved and if it will continue to do so. If it is a tree related problem, then remove the trees. The normal fix for a moving a sinking foundation is to lift and stabilize it with piers, with the cost depending on how deep they have to go to prevent it from sinking more. Source: DoItYourself

Inefficient HVAC Systems
Another energy-efficiency related problem, inefficient heating and cooling systems with leaking ducts can lead to increased energy bills. This issue is very common in older houses, and the most prudent step is to upgrade to a more efficient HVAC system. Source: Build

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