3 Causes of Low Water Pressure

How frustrating would it be if you are in the shower, about to rinse shampoo from your hair, when the water pressure suddenly drops because someone outside turned a faucet on? The reason behind this problem may be one of the following:

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Since water is essentially a non-compressible liquid it shows the unique trait of transferring pressure horizontally when in a confined space. This means is that water in a pipe exhibits the same pressure as it would if the pipe were perfectly vertical, even if the pipe isn’t. This is why a water storage tank should be located higher than the homes it is designed to serve so that the water can flow by gravity. Source: HomeAdvisor

The gradual buildup of sediment is what causes low water pressure in many homes. All water contains minerals, and when a home has hard water, minerals such as calcium and calcium salts will leave a residue inside of pipes. Over time, this residue can accumulate and create an obstruction, clogging your pipes. Residue can also leech heat, and you may notice it takes longer than normal for your hot water to heat up. Source: AHS

It’s more or less evident that a leak in your home’s plumbing system will reduce the water pressure throughout the home simply because not all of the water is flowing toward its proper place.

To determine whether you have a leak, shut off all of the water taps both inside and outside of your home, and then record the meter. Come back a couple of hours later to see whether the meter has changed. If your water usage has increased at all from your first recording, there’s a good chance you have a leak that needs to be repaired by a plumber. Source: AngiesList

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